It’s All in the Packaging

In our interconnected global community and economy, marketing has taught us that packaging is everything. The desired and even needed product, packaged in the wrong way, will fail in the markets. While poor packaging will drive customers away from a product, the right packaging inspires wonder and excites customers.

We actively live by this concept day in and day out: marketing and packaging impact our products, services, activities, and way of life. But do school systems acknowledge and embrace this notion? Have we taken the time, as educators, to evaluate what our packaging is communicating to our students? Have we been vigilant to seek understanding of the individuality of our students and how this packaging might need to be tailored ...


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About Graciela Livas

Graciela Livas is a learning in motion specialist and ballet director at American School Foundation of Monterrey. She also is a doctoral student at the Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education.