Learning Styles Shouldn’t Be a Foreign Language

It was during my first year of teaching Latin when I realized that not everyone learned the way I did, and I had to figure out a way to reach all my students. I should have known this, since my older son is dysgraphic and my younger son is dyslexic. Thus, I began my teaching career with the determination to have all my students succeed in Latin.

If reciting endings didn’t work, they could sing them. If saying the words out loud weren’t effective (and it certainly wasn’t for me when I was a student), they could write them, or at least move their fingers while reading the words. I offered colors, shapes, pictures of soldiers to explain tenses (and this in a Quaker school!), and very brief videos — whatever might work, I did it. Of course, ...


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About Ruth Breindel

Retired Latin teacher Ruth Breindel's education career includes 30 years at Moses Brown upper school in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • 2019 Vision and Leadership 2e Symposium