Mind Matters Podcast with 2e News’ Chris Wiebe

The latest Mind Matters podcast features a conversation between Emily Kircher-Morris and 2e News Managing Editor Chris Wiebe. The two talk about how Bridges Academy, where Chris directs the high school program, supports the “specific needs of twice-exceptional students, and how other school districts can help 2e kids thrive.” Chris chats about Bridges’ strength-based approach to educating the twice-exceptional population.

Listen to the podcast below, and check out more Mind Matters podcasts here.



Chris Wiebe has a doctorate of education (Ed.D) from California State University in Los Angeles, as well as a master of arts in philosophy and literature (M.A.) from San Jose State University. He’s currently the high school division director at Bridges Academy in the Los Angeles area, and managing editor of 2e News. Emily Kircher-Morris, LPC, has dual masters degrees in counseling and education, and specializes in the area of giftedness throughout the lifespan. She provides lectures and presentations for organizations like NAGC and the ACA, and now hosts the Mind Matters podcast. She also is the founder of the Gifted Support Network.

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