Student Resumes

Over the past several years students have been affected by the Covid pandemic in almost every aspect of their lives, not excluding school. School closures, transition to online learning, and extended absences have turned students’ lives upside down, often increasing anxiety and negative self-esteem. In the shadow of this crisis, it is crucial for teachers to shine a bright light on student strengths and talents.

Having students as early as the third grade write their resumes teaches a valuable life skill they’ll need one day when they enter the work force. As importantly, it helps students build positive relationships and boost self-esteem. Empowering students to create a personal “Strengths Resume” creates an environment where students feel special, safe, and confident.

For teachers, or parents or any caregiver, here is a guide to helping students create their resumes:

Step 1 Have students complete a learning inventory. To be clear, this is a very different kind of inventory than a getting-to-know-you questionnaire. This survey helps students identify their own strengths, interests, hobbies, and learning preferences, and is invaluable for them to get to know themselves. Sample questions include: “What do you like to do in your spare time?” “Do you like to learn in groups or individually?” “In what type of environment do you learn best?”
Step 2 Have students use their learning inventory to craft their own personalized “Strengths Resume.” Resumes can include basic information such as name, age, and grade. It also includes sections about academic strengths, hobbies, “ways I learn best,” and “ways to make me smile.” Include a section titled: “Please avoid” in order to learn about things students would rather...


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