The Music of Finding a Child’s Strengths

As a teacher at Bridges Academy, one of my tasks is to identify a student’s strengths and passions so that I can tap into those to help the student be more engaged and shape his/her own learning. Sometimes discovering those passions happens in unexpected ways.

Every year Bridges has a beach day, where all the students and faculty spend the day by the water swimming, playing games, barbecuing, and having a good time. I always bring some drums and set up a drum circle for students to play in. In 2016, this smiley kid showed up. He hadn’t been on my radar, but there he was in the circle playing the drums, and I saw that he had music inside of him. I invited him to the drum circle class, and at the same time I became his humanities lab t...


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About Kyle Wittlin

Kyle Wittlin is the director of the music program at Bridges Academy in Studio City, CA. He is a film, television and multi-media composer. Follow Kyle at