Cultural, Socioeconomic Factors Impact Gifted Support

Giftedness is the ability to do something beyond the expectations of one’s peer group. It’s a trait innate to the individual. Scholars and practitioners often wrestle with how giftedness is defined and how gifted students ought to be served. These discussions are incomplete if they do not account for the influences of cultural context and socioeconomic background on gifted individuals.

As an educator I have worked in several countries, spoken at conferences for the “more able”(as giftedness is referred to in the United Kingdom), delivered workshops in the Middle East about gifted children, and collaborated with teachers and foundations for the gifted in Spain. Wherever I go, I always find teachers who do not know enough about gifted educ...


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About Silvia Garrido-Soriano

Silvia Garrido-Soriano is an educator, speaker, and consultant who has taught languages for the past 18 years. She also has been an MFL specialist in learning support for the past 17, giving her great insight into and understanding of the cognitively diverse minds of 2e students.