Looking Through the Eyes of 2e

Our purpose in this issue is to look “through the eyes of 2e” — to try to gain a better understanding, through the creative work they produce, of what the 2e experience is like for twice-exceptional young people.

Perhaps through their art and writing we can gain insight into how they see themselves, how they relate to the world, and how they feel others see them. Someone who has given voice to how the world looks through the eyes of 2e is Samantha Abeel, known and honored for her writing and speaking. She describes what it’s like to live with the combination of exceptional strengths and significant challenges in the introduction to her second book, My Thirteenth Winter: A Memoir, written in 2003 (Orchard Books):
I am twenty-five years o...


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About Linda C Neumann

Linda C. Neumann is the former editor of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, the co-publisher of the Spotlight on 2e Series of booklets on twice-exceptionality, and the co-curator of The 2e Resource website (2eResource.com).