Students Finding Hope Around the World

The author of this piece recently released the first World Hope Project video, which explores gifted children's takes on how the pandemic brought people together. In the article below she describes the impetus of the project. A link to the film is also below.

World Hope Project is an international video troupe consisting of children representing 25 countries around the world. The mission of the project is to provide messages of hope and ideas for positive societal transformation.

The project’s origin can be traced to the start of the pandemic.

Prior to COVID-19, the world’s problems seemed daunting to the gifted children with whom I work, and these kids believed adults lacked the concern or the power to solve these problems.



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About Tina Harlow

Tina Harlow, LCSW, is a is a therapist, speaker, consultant, blogger, and founder of Guiding Bright in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Tina has presented at conferences nationally and internationally on the social and emotional aspects of gifted children. Tina is a SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) mental health provider and a Certified SENG Model Parent Group Facilitator.