Voices of 2e: Jen Merrill, Blogger and Author

People learn through stories, and understanding is the first step to acceptance. I want to tell
stories that show, not tell, what parenting this population [the twice-exceptional] is like. These
kids are so much more than whatever the stereotype of the moment is. They’re not “hothoused
geniuses”; they’re not “smart-aleck troublemakers”; they’re kids who are wired in a
way the general population isn’t accustomed to.


This is the way Jen Merrill describes her role as the voice behind Laughing at Chaos, the blog she started in 2006. “It started off as a mommy blog (I’m not a fan of that term, but that’s what it was.) and I gradually added gifted advocacy and outreach as time went on. Now that our sons are teens and request mo...


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