Workplace Stories

Workplace Stories

Man reading tabletOur Spring 2019 issue of Variations2e magazine focuses on neurodiversity in the workplace. In addition to the pieces found in the issue, we listed other references that readers may find to be of interest. Those articles, and additional examples, are listed here.

Recently published articles about neurodiversity in the workplace:

•“75% of staff at this successful IT company are on the autism spectrum,” Fast Company, May 7, 2019

•“Offices Can Be Hell for People Whose Brains Work Differently,” Vice, May 6, 2019

•“Why Mindset Matters: A New Narrative for Disability and Business in the 21st Century,” Forbes, May 11, 2019

•“Understanding the Benefits and Challenges of Neurodiversity in Tech,” Information Age, April 29,

•“2019 Future Goals: Embracing Neurodiversity at Work,” Knowledge@Wharton High School, April 22, 2019

•“Mindset Matters: Small Business, Entrepreneurship and the Empowerment of the Autism Community,” Forbes, April 18, 2019

•“Mindset Matters: Autism, Design-Thinking and Building a Pathway to Employment,” Forbes, April 12, 2019

•“It’s Time to Consider a Neurodiverse Workforce,” Hartford Courant, April 7, 2019

•“Mindset Matters: Autism as a Driving Force in the Digital Age,” Forbes, April 5, 2019

•“Being Neurodivergent Can Help Your Career – and Your Company,” Building, April 3, 2019

•“Goldman Sachs Plans to Hire More Employees, Including People on the Autism Spectrum,” CNN, April 2, 2019

•“Neurodiversity: Creating a Supportive Working Environment,” Personnel Today, March 29, 2019

•“Mindset Matters: How Disability Inclusion Leads to Corporate Growth,” Forbes, March 25, 2019

•“Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace,” Training Journal, March 22, 2019

•“An Office Designed for Workers with Autism,” New York Times, February 21, 2019

•“Making the Invisible Visible — Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace,” Personnel Today, February 1, 2019

•“More Companies See ‘Neurodiverse’ Job Candidates As Untapped Talent Pool,” National Public Radio — Boston affiliate, January 3, 2019

•“Can Autism Make Me a Diversity Hire?” New York Times, January 17, 2018

•“Making Diversity Work in the Workplace,” In the Black, December 1, 2017

•“Neurodiversity is a Competitive Advantage,” Harvard Business Review, May/June, 2017

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