Twice-Exceptional Students: We Want to Hear Your Story

Twice-Exceptional Students: We Want to Hear Your Story!

Variations2e Magazine

If you’re a 2e student (or know someone who is), Variations2e wants to hear your story. We provide a platform for neurodiverse people to share experiences, challenges, victories, perspectives, opinions, passions. This next issue of our magazine is all about you, by you, and for you!

The fall 2021 issue will feature stories from young 2e people and their unique experiences and perspectives of the world, exploring advantages and challenges in the academic world, family life, socialization, gender identity, and career.

We’re looking for:

  • Personal Narratives/Perspectives — Share your experience being 2e.
  • Journalism — Explore and report on topics related to twice-exceptionality.
  • Essays — Declare your passions about the 2e world.
  • Visual Media — Share photos, paintings, or multimedia that capture your experience.
  • Lists/Memes — Have fun with new media.
  • Creative Writing — Submit prose, poetry, or something in between.

What are potential topics to write about? Feel free to use any of the following prompts for inspiration (or generate your own topics!):

FuturismBrainstorm ideas to better accommodate the 2e population. If I could create a product or environment to help support the twice-exceptional population, I would …

Social Acceptance — My twice-exceptionality had the following impact on my ability to “fit in” in school and make friends:

Passions/Interests — Being able to pursue areas of interest in school allows me to …

2e Impact — In regard to my social, academic, and/or career experience, my twice-exceptionality impacts me in the following way(s):

Change Agent — I and my peers can make a positive difference in society by …

Obstacles/understandings — If I could remove five obstacles facing 2e learners and/or cultivate better understanding from peers, teachers, family, and professionals regarding twice-exceptionality, those five items would be …

Submission lengths for written pieces will vary depending upon topic, but a general target is 750 to 1,000 words. Submissions are due no later than Oct. 1 2021. Accepted submissions may be used wholly or in part. Audiovisual projects will be considered for publication on

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